Company Profile
 AFP's professional staff has a diverse technical background and experience in a wide variety of methods of manufacture. We can help take your idea or sketch from concept to full production. At Aluminum Fabricated Products, we are proud to offer creative solutions to the most challenging projects.
 AFP has established procedures that assure quality. We consistently look for opportunities to improve processes. AFP  incorperates lean manufacturing concepts that benefit customers through responsive and economical "on time" service.
 AFP strives to remain flexible to customers needs. We inventory materials as required to give the quickest most cost effective service.
    Our Specialists
  • Experienced designers that will work with you.
  • Quality experts that will get it right the first time.
  • Tool makers that can prototype your products and get production running quickly.
  • Skilled craftsmen that take pride in a job  well done.
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Stamping Die built by AFP
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