Cutting: Sawing,  Laser and  Waterjet cutting
AFP has a variety of saws capable of accurate high production cutting and mitering. Our waterjet and laser can load 6' x 12' sheets.
We also carry a wide variety of sheet and plate inventory in stock.

CNC Machining: 5 axis capabilty
AFP's long bed high speed 5-axis machining center can process parts in excess of 20 feet long with sawing integrated.

Cnc turning:
We do production CNC turning in house with a 12" swing capacity in any material.

Metal Stamping:
AFP can punch and form aluminum and steel. We build punching and forming tooling in house assuring quick response and the shortest lead times. Stamping parts up to 90 tons and 12 feet long will be done in house.

AFP welds both aluminum and steel assemblies.

Metal Forming: CNC press brake
Our 115 ton CNC brake will accurately form your sheet metal parts. We can also make custom brake tooling in house for non standard bends.

Heat Treating:
Tempering aluminum after forming is accomplished in house with a large oven with a 14 foot capacity.

AFP has special equipment capable of a wide variety of mechanical finishes. Brushed, grained or vibratory we can do it.
We have a network of finishing suppliers each specializing in specific finish requirements.

AFP offers programs that allow short lead time processing. We can maintain onsite inventory allowing for the shortest lead times, maximum flexibility and savings to customers. 

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Vibratory  and  brushed surface treatment 
CNC Milling
Formed parts
CNC Turning
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